Knight in Service    PCC Bill Filmore
   Knight in Service 
MD 34, Ala.

Filmore Family


Bill,  Ray & Angelia.


Bill is an active member of the Daleville Baptist Church. Bill currently
serves as a Deacon, Trustee, Usher and former Chairman of the Baccalaureate Committee.

Bill was named the 2003 Man of the Year in Daleville, Alabama.

Bill has coached Dixie Minor, Dixie Youth Baseball and American Legion Baseball
for seven seasons.

Bill is a former President and current Vice President of Sav-a-Life of Dale County.

Bill lives in Daleville with his wife, Lion Angelia (a Melvin Jones Fellow),
who is the City Clerk of Daleville, and their two sons, William and Ray.

Helen Keller once said, “I will not just live my life - I will invest my life.” Over the past 25 years I have chosen to invest a big portion of my life in Lionism. I have seen all the good that Lions do for their fellow man and I am totally in support of everything that Lions stand for. God has given me gifts in the area of Administration, and I have tried to use those gifts wherever I can. I am not one of those people who joins organizations just to join them. When I choose to be involved I try to give it my best effort.  I will continue to work hard in Lionism and give it my best effort. 

                                                                                             PCC Bill Filmore