Knight in Service   PCC Bill Filmore
                                Knight in Service

MD 34, Ala.

                                   International Involvement

International Conventions
1990 St. Louis, Missouri
1991 Brisbane, Australia
   (District Governor-Elect School)
1993 Minneapolis, Minnesota
1994 Phoenix, Arizona
   (Campaign Chairman for PDG J. F. Moore III)
1996 Montreal, Quebec, Canada
1997 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
1998 Birmingham, England
1999 San Diego, California
   (Campaign Chairman for PID J. F. Moore III)
2000 Honolulu, Hawaii
   (LCI Nominating Committee)
2001 Indianapolis, Indiana
   (Campaign & International Convention Chairs)
   (LCI Nominating Committee) 
2001-2002 LCI Board Appointee, Serving on C&BL Committee
Helped with re-draft of LCI Standard Form Club, District & MD C&BL
2002 Osaka, Japan
(LCI Nominating Committee)
2003 Denver, Colorado
(LCI Nominating Committee)
(Campaign Chairman for PCC Lowell Bonds for ID)
2006 Boston, Mass.
2007 Chicago, IL

USA/Canada Forums
1990 Nashville
1991 Salt Lake City
1992 Oklahoma City
1993 Winston-Salem
1994 Des Moines
(Presenter: Leading and Conducting Meetings)
1995 Edmonton
(Actor: Late Afternoon Show)
1996 Milwaukee
(Presenter: The Role of the Sponsor)
(Actor: A Christmas Carol in September) 
1997 Syracuse
(Presenter: Advanced Internet) 
1998 Lexington
(Presenter: Estate Planning)
1999 Birmingham
(Host Committee: Facilities Chairman)
(Moderator: Induction Ceremonies)
2000 Tucson
2001 Halifax
(Presenter: Lions Have Connections - Onlne)
2002 Fort Worth
2003 Portland
(Presenter: LCI Service to Members - Information Technology)
2004 Reno
(Forum Planning Committee)
 (Presenter:  LCI Legal Aspects)
2005 Peoria
(Forum Planning Committee)
(Presenter:  Promoting Effective Club & District Communication)
2006 Columbus
(Forum Planning Committee)
(Moderator:  Roles & Reponsibilities of Non-profit Board Members)
2007 Grand Rapids
(Forum Planning Committee)
(Presenter [Writer, Director & Actor]:  Murder of Anytown Lions Club, Acts I & II)
(Moderator:  Club & District Website Design for Beginners & Intermediate Users)
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
(Forum Planning Committee)
(Presenter:  The ANSWER to Retention and FOCUS on Recruiting)
2009 Memphis, TN
(Forum Planning Committee)